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Friday, July 4, 2008

wide-set eyes

If the spacing between your eyes is wider than the width of one eye, your eyes are considered wide-set. Your goal is to create the illusion that they are set closer together.

*In this case, you need to darken the inside hollows of your eye next to the bridge of your nose more than for any other eye shape. Deepening the color helps this area appear to recede and makes your eyes look closer together.

*Begin all dark-color application slightly in from the outer corners and blend your shadow in and up instead of outward, because an outward blending will "pull" the eyes wider apart, and your goal is to "pull" the eyes wider apart, and your goal is to "pull" them closer together.


1. Highlight shade: Apply to browbone & lid.

2. Midtone shade: Starting from the outer corner of the crease, bring the color towards the inside corner of your eye. Be sure to apply a few more layers to the inside corners to deepen the color and help visually push the eyes closer together.

3. Contour shade: Starting slightly in from the outer corner, brush it across the upper lash line and up into the crease of your eye. Also sweep it underneath the lower lash line, being careful not to extend the color beyond the outer edge of the eye.

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