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Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Hello my wonderful readers! My goal is to blog at least twice a week, I've been very busy working on my new Virtual Makeover Portfolio which is going well. I'm so excited about this project, so don't forget to contact me to be featured. OK models, like I stated before knowledge is power so let's talk about makeup for Electronic Media.

Usually a makeup artist is employed for television and film work, but in cases in which you must do your own makeup, keep the following in mind.

Television image is less than life size. Also, the TV picture is quite grainy (not possessing a high number of lines of resolution). These two factors mean that the TV image does not capture great detail, and it is not as critical in what it registers as other media. Therefore, applying more makeup to emphasize the lips and eyes is necessary. Attractive skintones and texture are also important so use good foundation.

The types of lighting used in video and film productions are basically the same as those used in still photography. As in most photography situations, using a lipliner and eyeliner to define the lips and eyes is important, particularly when a flat lighting is present. Flat lighting is used in many video productions.

Understanding how certain makeups appear on videotape is important. Greasy makeups make the skin appear oily or sweaty. Certain bright-color or highly frosted makeups can "bloom" (appear distractingly bright or obvious) in video, so it is best to avoid them.

Lighting used in video and film productions can get quite hot, bringing oils and sweat to the surface of the skin, so frequent powder application or use a clay-based makeup to absorb oil or sweat is necessary.

Tune in next time for Makeup for Fashion Shows and Stage. Have a productive day!

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