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Monday, August 11, 2008


For the next few weeks my blog will include information on Glamour tips/applications for women in the modeling field. My goal is to share my knowledge on makeup applications by help women to succeed in their modeling career. So let's get started...

A model must know to apply makeup for five basic types of modeling situations:

1. Face-to-face meetings
2. Still photography
3. Electronic media
4. Fashion show or stage
5. Promotional modeling assignments

The first makeup topic is Face-to-Face Meetings.

A model almost always does her own makeup when interviewing for modeling assignments. The model’s objectives in these situations should be to allow the client to see that she has all the necessary requisites for modeling (good complexion, bright eyes, etc.) as well as the ability to apply her own makeup. In most cases, it is best to strive for the natural look. Covering trouble spots with concealer; applying a light coat of foundation that lets the skin show through; enhancing the contours on the eyes, cheeks, and lips; and grooming the lashes and brows are all that are necessary. Using a touch of subtle pink, peach, or tawny glosses to color and condition the lips is also important. Extreme makeup colors that are the latest fashion often look too harsh for street wear. However, using touch of such colors as an accent can work well.

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Tune in next time "Still Photography Makeup"... Happy Reading!

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