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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Michelle Obama’s Inauguration Day Beauty: Makeup

Wow! Get Excited! I had to post Michelle Obama Inauguration makeup created by Ingrid Grimes-Myles...
"Mrs. Obama's look is not not an avant-garde look. It's not a fashionista or Vogue -spread type of thing. 'It's a professional woman look," said the stylelist. "We want her to be read very natural and polished," said Ingrid Grimes-Myles, Michelle Obama's friend and makeup artist who created her Inauguration day look with black liner, natural makeup and nude lips. Though Michelle does not endorse any beauty brands, Grimes-Myles let it slip in a Chicago Tribune interview that Michelle's oft-admired lip color is a variety of M.A.C. lip pencils-one darker, one light-plus lipstick and gloss, which Grimes-Myles custom-mixes. She goes easy on the blush for Obama and all women of color, preferring to contour and shade the face. "For women of color, they don't really blush," Grimes-Myles said. "You should [add] blush where you naturally blush." For the brows, she employs Tweezerman tweezers and a combination of brow powders and pencils. Until next time...feel free to leave a comment.

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