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Monday, February 23, 2009

Golden Delight Makeup Video

Great day! If You Luv Makeup & Beauty readers. I'm so excited to share with my first makeup video tutorial "Golden Delight". Feel free to leave a comment.

By the way here's the tools needed...
Eyeshadow Primer
Creme to Powder
"Island Bronze" Eyeshadow
Gold Eyeshadow
Brown Eyeshadow
Coal Eyeshadow
Black Eyeliner
False Lashes
Cappacino Line Liner
Gold Dust Lip Gloss
Cheek Blush
Bronzing Powder

Until next time...

Saturday, February 14, 2009

How to use Mineral Makeup to Accentuate Your Beauty

Hey, If You Luv Makeup & Beauty readers! Get excited! To get mineral makeup to accentuate your beauty, pick a shade of mineral makeup that matches your skin tone. With mineral makeup, you’re guaranteed a match because you have the ability to blend shades in order to get your perfect shade.

Vary your application technique based on the amount of coverage you want. Mineral makeup is very buildable. You can go from sheer cover to full coverage just by altering the way in which you apply your makeup. For full coverage, apply mineral makeup with a kabuki brush.

If you’re looking for a sheerer look, try using a skunk brush. Regardless of what brush you use, always apply your mineral makeup in thin layers. If you want more coverage, add more layers, and if you want lighter coverage, keep layers to a minimum.

Until next time...Remember: Less is more.

Sunday, February 8, 2009


Great Day! If You Luv Makeup & Beauty Readers...According to Beauty and Wellness Dayle Haddon the following products women can use while they are outdoors, during exercise, at emotional occasions (weddings), and even when they swim!

Many women do not like to leave home without the extra coverage of a foundation. With water resistant and waterproof foundation products, women remain covered.
Product: Era Face Spray on Foundation by Classified Cosmetics
Water-resistant, sweat-proof, oil-free aerosol foundation Mists a wash of color onto the skin for a "airbrush" finish with no blending required Can help freckles, moles, birthmarks,scars, tattoos,varicose veins,stretch marks, skin discoloration to remain under cover Comes in 10 shades for all skin types Included is cosmetic puff and headwrap
Found in Fred Segal, Bendels, specialty stores & exclusive department stores

Not all women want that much coverage but don’t want to go out with a "naked" face. Clinique makes two great products, both of them with a built- in SPF 15. If you just want to go for the bare minimum, go for a waterproof concealer and just dab it around your eye area.

Product: Clinique Almost Makeup Waterproof, sweatproof, streak-proof - its not going anywhere

Good for ANY activity including swimming Ultra-sheer

Won't clog pores

Comes in 4 shades SPF 15 as an added incentive!

Product: Lancome Effacernes Waterproof Protective Undereye Concealer Blends in completely - is crease resistant

Has soothing chamomile extract and honey to hydrate and condition your eye area which is a very delicate area especially in older skin

Crease resistant. As we get older and eyes get heavier and more wrinkles appear, this product is great at adding a softer look to the fine lines that might start to see.

Product: Almay Moisture Tint Sports Formula Light coverage for an absolutely natural look

Water-proof,sports-proof,actionproof,streak-prof, even perspiration proof

Great for those moms those moms constantly on the run

Two shades

Available at drugstores and mass market retailers nationwide

Mascara - -Waterproof mascara products have an added polymer in them that makes them stick to your eyelashes and not go anywhere- you can swim in them, take a shower, and even cry.

If you wear contacts, make sure the packaging indicates that your product is safe. L'Oreal's Voluminous is one example. It has been tested by eye doctors to make sure lens wearers can use it.

Product: L'Oreal Voluminous Waterproof Mascara

Thickens your eyelashes up to four times their normal size

Product: Cynthia Rowley Natural Long Mascara water resistant

Comes in a spectrum of brighter and not as typical colors like bright blue and burgundy.
Product: Clarins Fix Mascara

For people that are so attached to their regular mascara that they don’t want to make the switch -this product waterproofs your mascara!

Waterproof sealant for use over your favorite non water proof mascara

It is a transparent microseal that is long-lasting and resistant to water, heat, and oily substances

Eyebrow Product: Clinique Brow Keeper
Brow-grooming tool
Water resistant, smudge resistant, and long-wearing

Deposits a sheer, subtle layer of color that can be built on coats to make it darker or more intense looking

The tapered brush on the other end of the pencil allows for easy definition, blending, and control
Eyeliner Product: Christian Dior Aquadior Waterproof Eyeliner

Glides on and has a sponge tip to blend

Eye shadow Product: Trish McEvoy Waterstix

Applying eye color in seconds

Portable easy to use swivel stick designed for women on the go

To apply just draw across eyelids and blend it in

6 colors

Product: Finish Line or Benefit Shelaq

Water-proofing elixir that converts your non water proof eye color and makes it waterproof
Pour one or two drops into bottle cap, dampen eye liner brush in liquid, then fill brush with color stroking along outer edge of pressed eye shadow

LIPS Product: Max Factor Lipfinity

Will last all day and is very comfortable to wear

2 step process: "paint for lips" that last eight hours which goes on first. Then there is the "moisturizing top coat" that keeps lips feeling moist, smooth, and keeps lips looking shiny
Has PermaTone, which is a semi-permanent color

The paint is waterproof and to restore the glossy look you can apply the top coat through out the day

25 flattering shades

Product: Clarins "Sun-Kissed" Colour Gloss

Long lasting and water resistant, very glossy

A comfortable texture that will not run

Perfect for the summer and being outdoors

BLUSH Product: Nars Color Wash
This will not come off without soap and water

Makes it look like the color is really coming from within

Gives you a very natural glow

Since it is so sheer it is good for all skin tones

Paint it on with the brush in the cap and blend it in with fingers and then wash your finger b.c it will dye!

It will not come off of your face once it dries on your face

Product: Loreal Sheer Gel Blush

Long wearing and water repellant

Convenient, fits into pocket

Casual and subtle look

Available in 5 shades

There is a Stila sport line intended to be activity proof for active woman who like to be outside and exercising while still wearing makeup.

Product: Stila Sport Color Push-Ups Activity proof

Simple as a glide of a stick

Gel based and oil free They are hydrating, they are great for dry or flaky skin

3 colors

Portable and small

Product: Stila Color Courier

Activity proof, water repellant, great for working out! Simple to use: Just pencil it on your face and blend it with fingers or sponge

MAKEUP REMOVERS Product: Nivea visage eye make-up removerA greaseless formula

Formulated for your eyes but can also work on lips and face Don't even have to rinse - wipes off with tissue

Feels really clean after use

Product: Almay Eye Makeup Remover Pads

It' s very convenient

Formulated for waterproof

Product: Becoming: Gone with a Wipe

Takes off blush and foundation-safe to use for eye makeup

Contains botanicals like lavender to make it extra soothing

Until next time...Corinne