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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

When! How! What! Eye Primer

Hey! If You Luv Makeup & Beauty readers. I pray you are having an exciting day! Yesterday someone ask me what does a eye primer do and how to apply it? So, today I’m going to share information about hottest eye primer in the beauty arena. Oh! By the way eye priming helps eye shadow last longer and prevent creasing. Ok, Drum roll………please………

Urban Decay!
This miracle eye shadow primer is unmatched by any other in the beauty industry! The genie in this bottle fulfills three wishes: eye shadow that lasts, more vibrant and lasting color, and absolutely NO creasing. The formula is full of silicone, which you beauty mavens know makes for a smooth and silky application

How to Apply:
Apply Urban Decay Primer Potion to lids before shadow application. It dries down almost instantly (and invisibly), creating smooth lids that are super powered eye shadow magnets.

Make sure your hands are clean and open the bottle. Apply a glop on your eyelid with the wand. The secret to applying this product is to blend it on your eyelid with your fingertip not the applicator. Use your fingertip to evenly smooth the product all over your lid and up until you almost reach the brow bone; use a little extra product if needed.

Repeat on the other eye.

Now you may want to apply just a little to under your eyes. This step is optional; you only need to do this if you will be applying eyeliner or eye shadow under your eyes. For this step take the wand and apply an extremely small amount on your fingertip. Drag your finger under your eye. Don't use too much it will look crusty if you do.

Allow to dry! This takes about 4 min for the product to fully dry. Look at your eyes every now and then as it's drying to make sure it's drying evenly. It can actually crease as it's drying sometimes, it this starts to happen gently blend in.

Tips: A little goes a long way! Apply a thin coat and let dry, then apply Eye shadow as you normally would. Then DARE it to crease. (Double-dog dare it, even!)

Until next time…

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