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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Crème Rinses vs Finishing Rinses Hair

Great day! Thanks for stopping by, hope all is well. I’ve created a new social networking site “If You Luv Makeup & Beauty” which is a spin off from this blog. Get Excited! I was reading some of the beauty advice that was posted on the network and was very impressed with the HYPE Hair group that one of the members (Sensational WiGg’s) birthed.

Her knowledge on hair care products has brought a new twist to the site. Check out her inside on Crème Rinses and Finishing Rinses…Sensational WiGg’s recommend the below conditioners to maintain healthily hair, detanglement and to smooth hair cuticle.

Instant Conditioners
Smooth hair cuticles and detangle but protect the hair shaft with thin coating of hydrolyzed protein.

Deep Conditioner and Protein Conditioner
Deep conditioner give you more intense conditioning treatment because they seal moisture and coat hair shaft with proteins left on hair for 20 to 30 minutes with or without heat then rinse out.

Reconstructing Conditioners
this contains complex proteins or nucleic acids that temporarily bond to protein structure in the hair. Note: you should be careful when using the syrupy formulas because they can dry into a stiff helmet on your hair and must be rinsed out or you can have hair loss.

Hair Repair Conditioners
It have thin watery consistency and are leave in conditioners they usually used several consecutive shampoos and then your hair shaft remains "repair". Many contain formaldehyde.

Try this Natural Remedies for hair breakage:
THE EGG YOLK AND OLIVE OIL TREATMENT In a small bowl: (1) Egg yolk and 2 tbsp of Olive Oil wet hair and apply treatment concentrationon the ends

For more information visit Sensational WiGg’s today!

Until next time…Have a wonderful day!
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