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Monday, August 3, 2009

Steps to Becoming a Makeup Artist

Great Day! Thanks for stopping by. Have you ever considered becoming a makeup artist, if so keep reading? If you want to become a makeup artist, you are in for a fulfilling and lucrative career. Learn the craft. You need to educate yourself on the craft of makeup artistry, whether it is through an eBook, beauty school, local seminar or YouTube, you need to learn the basics of makeup artistry before you work on a client.

Build a makeup artist portfolio that will be used to display your talents to potential clients and employers. A portfolio is imperative to the success of a makeup artist because it showcases the artist’s ability to potential clients and employers. Generally, the minimum photos you should have within your portfolio are 10 looks. You can acquire looks for your portfolio by contacting a local model agency and offering to do free makeup applications for one of their photo shoots. You won’t get a tangible payment, but you will get professional quality pictures and likely get to attach your name to a big name company.

Retail is one the best ways to start learning how the cosmetic industry works. Get yourself working as a counter manager or artist for a department store makeup line. Check out the below video on How to Become a Makeup Artist.

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  1. Love your website. I was a makeup artist for Fashion Fair cosmetics for years and worked with other makeup lines as well when I was younger. The city in which I lived was not a money making town for that field so I got out of it for years now but still love makeup. I hope you do well in this field for yourself. And as far as your appointment as a deacon I thought the Bible said not woman would reside over a man in such a position?