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Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Skin You're In

Great Day! Thanks for stopping by. The first step to great skin is TLC. To break it all down to help you achieve your best skin ever here are a few ideas:

Dry Skin
The surface, dry skin face tends to be one of the most manageable skin types. However, this type of skin is very prone to wrinkles at an early age.

Exfoliate. Flaky skin that lies on the top of dry skin blocks the beneficial ingredients of your products from reaching the cells where the real work begins. Lactic acid is good for dry skin, it’s a gentle alpha hydroxyl acid.

Oily Skin
Generally have more hyperactive sebaceous glands on the face. If you need blotting papers two hours after washing, you’re oily.

A skin care routine with drying agents doesn’t stop the oiliness-it can strip the skin not only of its oil but of its normal, resulting in more oil production. An oily skin care regimen must contain a balance of sebum-fighting ingredients that don’t compromise the natural moisture balance.

Combination Skin
Many people fight oil and clogged pores on the T-zone area-nose, forehead and chin-and dryness on the cheek. Oatmeal, soy and green tea is good for combination skin. Also, dimethicone is a non-pore-clogging emollient great for combination skin as well.

Use lightweight serums and follow with an oil-free moisturizer with sunscreen.

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Sunday, October 18, 2009


Great Day! This season is all about fierce looks that stands out. The smudgy and Smokey eye look return with a dramatic effect that is sure to turn heads.

Create the look: Sweep the lashes with mascara or heighten the look with false lashes for a more dramatic appeal. Perfect those peepers with a charcoal blend or deep black eye pencil.

Seal the deal: When opting for a Smokey eye, use shadows that won’t look too Goth with purples or dark gray for subtle contrast.

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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Hairstyles That Never Go Out of Style

Great Day! Certain looks are time less classics-but to remain fashionable. Here are some styles that can be rock now...










The Bob
To make it modern Keep locks longer, almost to the shoulders, so they're choppy in the back and even and angled in the front.

To make it modern Ditch the Pebbles Flintstone height. "These days ponytials are low and streamlined.

To make it modern Trade in our beach spray for a shine pomade. "The effect now is glossy, soft, and a bit more refined than the messy waves.

To make it modern Instead of the ends flying out like Mary Tyler Moore's, they should barely hint at an upturn." Adding in layers and an undefined part.

To make it modern Live large! Big Afros are strong and sexy. The shape is somewhat abstract with unseen edges and it's pulled apart a little bit.

To make it modern Mess it up a bit. With spiky asymmetrical pieces on top, the new pixie is more forgiving than the flat.

To make it modern "Keep curls loose and touchable-not like the crunchy look of the 80's.

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