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Monday, January 25, 2010

Sassy Short Haircuts

Great Day! Many women love short hairstyles because they are easy to style and take care of. Busy moms and executives alike appreciate attractive short styles that can be dried and styled in under 15 minutes flat. If you are thinking about going short, take some time to view photos online and consider which short style best suits your face shape, there is nothing more eye-catching than a sassy, short haircut.

When considering a short hair cut, bear in mind that it does take a very long time to grow out should you decide that you do not enjoy it as you hoped you might. Other than the confidence and sophistication, short hair cuts are notoriously easy to maintain. Find a haircut that fits your face and when styled with minimal effort, still looks good. A pixie cut requires little to no maintenance aside from possible a little gel or pomade for reshaping when necessary. A bob or more graduated cut can take a little mousse for volume and smoothness and five minutes with a blow dryer.

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