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Thursday, April 29, 2010

How to Build Beauty With the Right Foundation

Get Excited! Get Excited! Thanks for stopping by. A great foundation is the perfect start to a flawless finish. But with so many formulas and shades to choose from, selecting the right one to build on can sometimes be confusing. Here are a few foundation facts that can help you find your perfect match.

Mineral Powder Foundation combines the feel of a powder with the coverage of a foundation. It is a weightless, skin-perfecting powder that provides coverage and blends with the sweep of a brush. For a flawless look, a specially designed mineral foundation brush should be used when applying this type of foundation.

Medium-Coverage Liquid Foundation is generally best for normal to oily skin. It provides even coverage and helps control excess oil.

Full-Coverage Liquid Foundation is generally best for normal to dry skin. It helps hydrate skin while providing coverage.

Creme-To-Powder Foundation is a two-in-one product that glides on like a cream to hide imperfections. It works well with all skin types and dries to a soft, powdery matte finish.

Tinted Moisturizer can be a fabulous option for on-the-go sheer color coverage. It’s perfect for an active lifestyle and has the added bonus of sunscreen and moisturization.

Pro Tip: When trying a new shade, it is best to test in natural light. Also be sure to allow a few minutes for the foundation to adapt to your skin before making a decision on the color.

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Thursday, April 22, 2010

It's All About the Makeup Brushes

Great Day! When it comes to applying makeup like a professional, using the right tools can make all the difference. High-quality brushes can help you achieve a smooth, even look. Here are a few makeup artist tips and techniques you can use every day to get a polished look. It’s all a matter of using the right brush to get beautiful results.

A Powder Brush is a full, fluffy brush designed to evenly distribute powder to the face. Sweep brush across pressed powder or dip into loose powder; tap gently to remove excess and apply to the face from forehead to chin using long, light strokes.

A Cheek Brush is used to accentuate bone structure or add a healthy blush to cheeks. Use the tip
of this soft, angled brush to apply color to the apples of the cheeks and stroke upward along cheekbones, stopping just below the temples, then blend. This brush is also a great tool to use for applying bronzer. Apply across the bridge of your nose, temples, cheekbones and shoulders for a gorgeous, healthy looking glow.

An Eye Definer Brush has bristles that are tapered and rounded at the end to shape and define eyes and blend color evenly. Sweep color softly across the eyelid and then lightly above the crease for a natural, yet polished look.

An Eye Crease Brush has long, thin, pointed bristles and is used with midtone and darker shades of eye color to add depth to eyes. Begin by placing the brush at the outer corner of the eye and then sweep inward following the natural crease. This brush can also be used to create a smoky eye look. Using the brush tip, sweep softly along lower lashes from the outer corner inward.

An Eyeliner Brush is used to line eyes and enhance sparse brows with eye color. This flat, angl
ed, short-bristle brush makes it easy to apply a thin line of color along top and bottom lashes. It's also a great tool to use for blending your eyebrow pencil.

Use an Eyebrow Brush to brush brows in the opposite direction from which they grow to remo
ve any excess foundation. Gently brush back, following their natural shape and direction, as a finishing touch to your makeup application.

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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Red Carpet Alluring Eyes

Great Day! Gabourey Sidibe played the leading role in “Precious.” She loves to rock vibrant hues on the red carpet. Check out her beauty prediction (Alluring Eyes) for the 2010 Oscars awards.

Sidibe has small, almond-shaped eyes. White liner will help make eyes sparkle and appear more open, particularly if you have flashing bulbs pointing at you on the red carpet like Sidide. To try this trick at home, start by using a white liner on the inside of your upper and bottom lid. Rimming the eyes will help extend the whites of your eyes so that they appear bigger.

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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Beauty In the News "Jill Scott"

Get Excited! Get Excited! Introducing Jill Scott. For her true fans, you say that name and visions of beauty dance in your head. Jill has become as known and loved for her radiant smile and her crowning glory, as she is for her music.

Lately her hair has been garnering much attention -- Recently her stylist Felicia Leatherwood did a lengthy interview over on where she explained how to achieve the kind of intricate styles seen of late on Jilly from Philly.

It’s a combination of hairstyles — cornrows and two strand twists. If you’re good at cornrows, get one side perfect. Then the other side, you double strand twist with a little bit of Miss Jessie’s, sit under the dryer and let it dry, then untwist a little and you’re good to go!”

Felicia used Miss Jessie’s Curly Pudding or Butter crème on Jill, it's an amazing product.

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Monday, April 5, 2010

How to Get the Thickest Lashes Ever

Get Excited! Get Excited! Just because you've bought great mascara, doesn't mean you'll automatically have perfect lashes. It all depends on what you do with it.

To make top lashes look longer by pushing outer lashes towards the temples, the middle ones up towards the brows, and the inner lashes to the nose. This sunray effect drastically makes lashes look longer. Apply the same technique to lower lashes with the center lashes pointed straight down towards the jaw."

Use a rolling technique with the wand (roll the wand with your hands as you apply) to push the lash teeth deep into the lash roots and pull the wand to the tips.

Pro Tip:
Try using dark brown mascara on the inner half of the eye and black mascara on the outer lashes. This creates dimension and elongates the lankiest outer part of the lashes."

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