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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Beauty In the News "Jill Scott"

Get Excited! Get Excited! Introducing Jill Scott. For her true fans, you say that name and visions of beauty dance in your head. Jill has become as known and loved for her radiant smile and her crowning glory, as she is for her music.

Lately her hair has been garnering much attention -- Recently her stylist Felicia Leatherwood did a lengthy interview over on where she explained how to achieve the kind of intricate styles seen of late on Jilly from Philly.

It’s a combination of hairstyles — cornrows and two strand twists. If you’re good at cornrows, get one side perfect. Then the other side, you double strand twist with a little bit of Miss Jessie’s, sit under the dryer and let it dry, then untwist a little and you’re good to go!”

Felicia used Miss Jessie’s Curly Pudding or Butter crème on Jill, it's an amazing product.

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