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Thursday, July 29, 2010

5 Best Makeup Look for the Summer

Kerry Washington

Looks best on: Medium or dark skin
Why we like it: Summer is a great time to experiment with color, and choosing a shade like purple, makes color wearable for those of us who are over 20.

Quick tip: To keep a bright shadow color in place, prime your lids by dusting them with a loose transparent powder before applying a purple shadow.

Emmanuelle Chriqui

Looks best on: Medium skin
Why we like it: Nothing says summer more than a bronzed all-over glow, shimmering eyes, and glossy lips.

Quick tip: To create Chriqui's highlighted glow, finish your bronzed makeup by blending a pearly cream like on the tops of your cheekbones, directly under your brow bones, and along bridge of your nose.

Queen Latifah

Looks best on: Dark skin
Why we like it: Silvery hues are a huge trend this summer and look epic (and not disco ball-like at all) when worn on dark, glowing skin. Silver shades are definitely worth a try.

Quick tip: To make a silver eyeshadow stand out, and to stay on trend, dab a bit of the shimmery hue on the lower inner-corners of your eyes. This will make your eyes look bigger as well -- bonus!

Heidi Klum

Looks best on: Medium skin
Why we like it:A slightly pink glow and eyelashes for miles will let your natural beauty shine through.

Quick tip: Klum's flawless complexion is what really makes this natural makeup look so beautiful. To get her even skin tone, start by exfoliating weekly to slough off dull-looking skin. Then use a tinted moisturizer over your entire face to even out your tone and protect your skin. Hide remaining visible under eye circles or blemishes with concealer. Finally, set your face with powder. If you get shiny throughout the day, keep oil-absorbing sheets handy and touch up as needed.

Camilla Belle

Looks best on: Medium, tan skin
Why we like it: This bright coral pink lipstick hue is fun and sexy -- everything summer should be.

Quick tip: Bronzed skin looks best in varieties of pinky-coral shades like Belle's, so if you have her complexion try a lip color. But if you have light or pale skin, the most flattering shade of coral for you will be a touch more  orangey-red lip color.

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