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Thursday, August 26, 2010


Great Day! Readers…Today I’m going to share information on how to apply Stick Foundation. Which works well for normal to dry skin, it provides more coverage, beautiful finish and it is quick to apply. Let’s get started! Stick foundations are cream-to-powder foundations that come in a stick form. The best advantage of the stick
foundation is that it can be also used as a concealer when applied over to problem areas and imperfections. Stick foundations provide full coverage and a matte finish; hide blemishes, scars, discolorations and brown spots. Most of these foundations contain sunscreens and moisturizing ingredients. Stick Foundation is not recommended for oily skin.

1 Step Cleanse and tone your face

Always apply foundation to a cleansed and toned skin. Use a mild cleanser appropriate for your skin and cleanse your face thoroughly to remove all the impurities and oils that have accumulated during the night. Tone your skin with a toner that suits your skin.

2 Step Moisturize your skin
Always moisturize your skin before applying the foundation even if your skin is oily. The first step when applying makeup is the application of appropriate moisturizer according to your skin type. It will improve your skin quality and act as a protective layer to help trap the moisture in the skin and stop it from evaporation.

3 Step Apply the stick foundation
Roll up the tube and make sure the tip appears slightly above the container level. You can stroke the top of the stick with your fingers or apply the stick directly to your face. Roll the stick foundation over your face, foreheads, cheeks, nose and chin and blend carefully. Pay attention to areas where foundation tends to collect. Don’t forget to apply foundation to the neck, especially if you are using darker shade of foundation otherwise your face will look like a mask and unnatural. Make sure everything blends together and looks the same. Blend out to your hair and jaw line until the foundation vanishes.

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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Makeup Mistakes to Avoid

Your makeup should never enter the room before you do. Here are five makeup mistakes to keep in mind, before you leave home.

Dark Lip Liner and Light Lipstick: The trend now is to wear lip liner shade close to your natural lip color. If you do use dark liner like a red, berry or brown shade, fill in your mouth completely, and then top with clear gloss.

Draw in Eyebrows: If your brows are super-thin, make short, feathery strokes with a pencil, them top brows with powder.

Clump Mascara: Before applying wipe the mascara wand against the opening of the tube to get rid of excess mascara. Wiggle the ward from side to side, from the base of your lashes to the tip. Comb lashes before they dry to separate them.

Caky Foundation over Bad Skin: Suffocating your skin with a heavy cover up will draw attention to the problem. For fines lines: Add a little moisturizer with your foundation. For blemishes: Mineral makeup can give great coverage for acne.

Foundation Line on the Jaw: To avoid foundation mask, select the right shade. Ask a salesperson at the makeup counter to pick out several shades and test a few on your cheek.

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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

How to Wake Up Your Look

1. Wake up your face by creating even-toned skin: Apply a coin-sized amount of Tinted Moisturizer foundation all over. Dot the matching CONCEALER around eyes, nose, lips and where more coverage is needed.

2. Energize your eyes with a touch of black base mascara. Curl lashes, and then apply mascara. Wiggle wand while lifting up and out. Coat top lashes for day, and both top and bottom for nighttime definition. Add a second coat for extra plumpness. Then apply your favorite lip gloss or lipstick.

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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Yolanda Adams Look Alike Makeover

 Great Day! Introducing the Yolanda Adams Look Alike Makeover...I'm working on this awesome project again"Celebrities Look Alike Makeovers".

Yolanda Adams

Look Alike Makeover
Yolanda Adams (born Yolanda Yvette Adams on August 27, 1961(1961-08-27)) is a Grammy and Dove-award winning American Gospel Music Singer. Adams is the host of The Yolanda Adams Morning Show, which currently airs on Urban Gospel stations owned by Radio One.

MODEL: Chioma L. Bennett, attends Temple University, Philadelphia, PA.

Chioma Is Wearing:
Black Liquid Eyeliner
Black Ultimate Mascara
Coal Mineral Eye Color
Amber Blaze Mineral Eye Color
Cream & Sugar Lip Gloss
Canyon Gold Mineral Bronzing Power

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Monday, August 9, 2010

Danielle Carrington- Smokey (Brown) Eyes Makeup Look

Great Day! Just stopping by to share my new Smokey Eye makeup video. Feel free to rate, comment and subscribe. Until next time...Have a wonderful day!

Special thanks to Danielle Carrington...
Princess of Comedy
Comedian, Actress, Improver

Thursday, August 5, 2010


Tweezerman Stainless Steel Slant Tweezer, Midnight Sky
Well-groomed eyebrows are a must. But before you reach for the tweezers determine where to start. By locating three key pivotal points of reference, you will know where and what to tweeze. Simply follow these steps and you will have perfect brows.

POINT A. Hold a pencil or the handle of a brush vertically against the side of your nose, noticing where it meets the brow. That is where brow should begins.

POINT B. Hold the pencil against your nostril and move it diagonally across the outer half of the iris of your eye. Notice where the pencil meets the brow: This is the best place for the peak of your arch. If you tweeze from Point A to B, tapering the line slightly thinner toward the peak, you will create the ideal shape for your brow.

POINT C. Again, place the pencil against your nostril, but this time, extend it diagonally to the outer corner of your eye. Where it meets the brow is the best place for your brow to end. If you tweeze from Point B to Point C, tapering the line even thinner, you will create the best brow shape for your faces.

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