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Thursday, November 11, 2010

How to Create a Gorgeous Holiday Look

Great Day! The holidays are here again, made apparent by the sparkle of lights everywhere you look and the glimmer of tinsel decking the halls. With the glitter and holiday glow, there is no reason why you can't shine brightly among the festivities. A few simple tips can help you wear an extra touch with holiday makeup.

To set the foundation use a light weight powder, try using one with a little shimmer like
Flori Roberts bronzers. If not try a loose eye shadow powder in gold and highlight your cheekbones. The gold color adds to the holiday glow.

For the eyes make it simple, try a thin black liner and extend the line to a fine tip. To make sure the line doesn't run try layering it with black shadow to set it in. Or try a shimmer liner in chocolate brown or hunter green.
Another option for the eye is to try metallic tone cream shadow. Choose a shimmery white or champagne colored eye shadow for the base of your holiday makeup. Apply the shadow evenly from the lash line to the brow ridge, working the powder into the skin thoroughly. Choose a mid-toned brownish red or bronze color to add depth to your eyes, applying the shadow just to the eye crease and slightly above. Start with a light application, blending well and adding more if necessary.

Also, for the holidays use colors as gold, bronze, olive green, grey, deep plum, copper. Then layer your lashes with volumizing mascara. Wiggle the wand at the base of your lashes back and forth then lift. Separate the lashes to prevent clumping with a dry eyelash or eyebrow comb.

Keep with the soft glowing holiday makeup look by wearing a splash of gold on your lips. Apply a fine dusting of gold eye shadow just to the center of each lip and then cover with clear lip gloss.   Now you can show off your Holiday Glamour Look!

Feel free to stop by my online beauty store to update your look for the holidays.  Don't forget to subscribe and leave a comment. Until next time...Have a wonderful day!

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