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Thursday, December 23, 2010

How to Blend Eye Makeup

Great Day! Get Excited! Get Excited!! Thanks for stopping by. Blended eye makeup should look seamless and not create stiff or straight lines, unless you are attempting a specific look. Makeup on the eyes will blend better when a small amount of liquid foundation is applied to the eyelids and the area under the eyebrow.

Brush on eye shadow with a loose brush rather than a foam applicator to start with a more natural look. Apply the medium-colored eye shadow from a pre-packaged eye shadow trio to the eyelid. Highlight the area under the brow with the lightest color in the trio. Add the darkest color last, on the crease of the eyelid. Blend eye makeup only after you've applied all the eye shadow shades you want to wear.

Wait to apply eyeliner and mascara until after your eye shadow is blended. Use the brush you used to apply your accent color to blend your eye makeup so that you don't get your darker accent color on the brush you use for your other two lighter eye shadow colors.

Use a blending brush for applying and blending eye makeup. You'll get a much better end result. Move the makeup brush lightly across eyelids and under the eyebrows to blend eye shadow and remove any excess makeup.

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  1. Thanks Corinne! I just invested in brushes to apply my eyeshadow. My problem is that my lids are oily. I've been putting primer and translucent powder on before I put on my eyeshadow. If you know of anything else I can do - please share!

  2. Hey Donna! Try using an oil free concealer under your primer. Let me know if this helps. Have a wonderful day!