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Thursday, February 17, 2011

How to Apply Cream Blush

Great Day! Get Excited!!  Did you know that cream blush is definitely making a comeback? It’s especially great for mature women and women with drier skin. It adds another layer of protection from the elements as well as another moisturizing compound to the face. Women with oily skin may want to stay away from creams, as they could possibly cause more problems for you if put on too heavy.  Read on to learn how to apply cream blush…

Choose a cream blush color that will look natural. Do this by matching it to your lip color. Usually the more expensive the product, the longer it will last. Also, visit a department store makeup counter for a complimentary makeup session if you're having trouble picking the best color for your skin tone.

Put a small amount of cream blush on your fingers then blend your fingers together. The heat from your hand will melt the blush a bit, making it easier to apply.

Apply cream blush to the "apples" of your cheeks blending upward and outward. The apple of your cheek is the top part of your cheek bone on either side.

Now it is time to blend! Starting back at the apple of your cheek, you will gently blend in the cream, covering the apple and the cheekbone. The color should be more vivid on the apple and lighten as it goes towards the temple. This gives you a natural look instead of the streak.

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