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Sunday, April 17, 2011

How to Conceal a Tattoo with Makeup

Great Day! Get Excited! Get Excited!   Did you know that everyday foundations and concealers will work to hide under eye circles and small blemishes, but they won’t provide the full and lasting coverage for tatoos. There are numerous heavy-duty concealers on the market, such as Dermablend or Ben Nye Concealer Palette; these are the same products that TV and film makeup artists use to cover an actor’s tattoos and other permanent marks (such as scars or veins). 

Look for a product that is completely opaque, heavy, and creamy, not one of the “liquid-to-powder” foundations. Any product with the phrases “sheer” or “light” in the description will not do the trick for this cover-up job! Most tattoos use a blue-based ink, so a yellow concealer will help to counteract the blue tones. Also, make sure that the concealer matches your skin tone exactly.

When you are satisfied with the coverage, dust the area with translucent powder to set the makeup in place (some products come with a powder designed to work with that specific formula). Then, test your makeup job by gently wiping a cotton swab or piece of tissue across the surface.  Finally, check the coverage in several types of light: if you’ll be in bright light, you’ll need even heavier coverage than in dim lighting. And if all else fails, consult a professional makeup artist for his or her expertise!

For lasting results, first begin with a clean and dry foundation. Cleanse your skin as usual, and then use a toner to wipe away any traces of dirt, oil, and makeup. Rinse the area and pat dry. Next, follow the recommendations on the package of your product. Some products will require several layers, but others promise one-step application.

Use a clean, dry makeup sponge for a smooth application. First, apply the product to the area, then use the sponge to spread the concealer evenly. If you are applying several coats, allow each to dry completely. If possible, you might want to cover all exposed skin in the area for an even look.

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Friday, April 8, 2011

How to Create a Soft Brown Smokey Eye

Get Excited! Get Excited!!! I’m back with another Smokey Eye look.  Smokey eyes are popular this season. When you want to add glamor to your look, create a Smokey eye. Use shades of brown to make a more casual brown smokey effect. Brown is a little less dramatic than black, and looks good on everyone from light complexions to dark. To give the traditional Smokey eyes a new twist here’s a tutorial on how to create a Soft Brown Smokey eyes. Enjoy, thanks for stopping by …

PRO TIP:   Use softer shades of makeup on the lips and cheeks so nothing will compete with the dramatic eyes. Soft and light nude shades look best.

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