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Friday, April 8, 2011

How to Create a Soft Brown Smokey Eye

Get Excited! Get Excited!!! I’m back with another Smokey Eye look.  Smokey eyes are popular this season. When you want to add glamor to your look, create a Smokey eye. Use shades of brown to make a more casual brown smokey effect. Brown is a little less dramatic than black, and looks good on everyone from light complexions to dark. To give the traditional Smokey eyes a new twist here’s a tutorial on how to create a Soft Brown Smokey eyes. Enjoy, thanks for stopping by …

PRO TIP:   Use softer shades of makeup on the lips and cheeks so nothing will compete with the dramatic eyes. Soft and light nude shades look best.

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  1. Beautiful tips I got here for making a lovely eye shadows.
    I like the colour combination of all these.