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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Makeup Tips for Mature Women

Great Day! Get Excited! Get Excited!!  I'm back with another informational beauty blog.  Let's talk beauty...The best makeup for mature women is liquid and cream foundation, which looks more natural on the skin, and beautiful matte colors that don't settle into fine lines. Here's a few more tips: 

  • Lining your lips can create a more defined shape and prevents bleeding of the lip color. Also, filling in with the pencil increases color depth and helps it last longer.

  • As the shape around the eye softens, more defining may be necessary. Try keeping the intensity on the upper lashline (with smudged shadows or liners) and a bit less so for the under-eye area.

  • There's no need to over tweeze, but pay more attention to the removal of extra-long and/or unruly brow hairs.

  • Try using concealer that is spot-applied with a brush, instead of an all-over foundation, for a lighter, fresher look.

  • Make sure that all products (shadows, blushes, etc.) are blended well and graduated (with the exception of lip liner) to keep the face from looking harsh or stiff.

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