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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Apply Liquid Eyeliner Like A Pro

Hey Everybody I’m back with another informational blog!  Let’s talk beauty…Liquid eyeliner provides your eyes with the most dramatic look. It's perfect for a glamorous look.   Did you know that liquid liner slides onto skin, while pencils can pull and poke at the skin?   With a little practice, liquid eyeliner can be applied correctly without turning into a mess.  Continue reading…

Purchase liquid eyeliner with a felt tip. This type of liner is typically much easier to apply and goes on more smoothly.
Gently lift your skin at the outer corner of your eye with your index finger to pull your eyelid taut. Use a hands-free magnified mirror to get a close view of the eye area.

Draw a line from the midpoint of the eye to the outer corner with the tip of the liquid eyeliner. If you are going for a cat eye look, extend the line just beyond the outer corner.

Draw a line from the inner corner of your eye to meet the line at the midpoint. Applying the line as two short lines gives you greater control. But if this is still too difficult, apply it as three or more short lines that meet up, creating one long line from the inner to the outer corner of the upper lid.
Pro Tip:  Have eye makeup remover on hand.  If you mess up, you can simply apply some of the solution to a cotton swab to wipe away any mistakes.

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  1. Because the eye is very sensitive, which brand of liner do you suggest?

    1. Almay liquid liner is safe for sensitive eyes