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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Makeup For Sensitive Skin

Hey Everybody!  Get Excited!  Get Excited!  I’m back with another informational beauty blog.  Did you know that water-proof products can strip skin of its protective oil and cause irritation?  Let’s talk makeup for sensitive skin…
Since fragrances can aggravate sensitive skin, look for products that are labeled "without perfume" or "fragrance-free." Do not buy products labeled as "unscented."   According to the American Academy of Dermatology, "unscented" products often contain fragrance to disguise the smell of the chemicals. Although makeup preservatives (such as formaldehyde, phenoxyethanol and paraben) can cause skin irritation, products containing water must have them to prevent bacteria growth. Compare product ingredient labels and choose products with less than 10 ingredients to avoid aggravating your skin with numerous preservatives. 

Hypoallergenic or mineral-based products are better for sensitivity.  Look for mineral makeup that contains no synthetic perfumes, dyes or preservatives.   Beware of mineral makeup that contains nanoparticles and bismuth oxycholoride.  These can irritate and clog pores.

Sensitive Eyes…
The skin around your eye is very sensitive and may react differently from the rest of your facial skin to makeup. Therefore, applying a protective barrier in the form of makeup primer around your eye helps to soothe the skin and also makes your makeup appear smoother. This will keep the makeup from being placed directly on your skin and could stop irritation.
Look for lighter-colored, powdered eye shadow because it contains less irritating color pigments than brighter shadows. Avoid eye makeup containing shimmer or glitter. If you use eyeliner, choose a wax-based pencil liner rather than liquid eyeliner. Liquid liner contains latex, which can cause an allergic reaction on sensitive skin. When possible, choose black eyeliner or mascara which may be gentler on skin than other pigments. Discard eye makeup after three months to prevent bacteria accumulation that can further aggravate skin.

Sensitive Lips…
If your lips are sensitive, use a moisturizing lip balm and lipstick or gloss. Avoid long-lasting lip color. The American Academy of Dermatology states that ingredients in long-wearing lip products are more likely to cause an allergic reaction. Throw away lip products one year after purchasing to prevent contamination.

Pro Tip:  Always remove all makeup before you go to sleep. Makeup can build up over time if it is not washed off properly and eventually cause deposits in and around the eye area. This can cause continual irritation.

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