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Sunday, June 2, 2013

At Home Summertime Pedicure

Hey Everybody!  Get Excited!  I’m back with another informational beauty blog.   Let’s talk beauty…Did you that you don't have to go to a nail salon and get a pedicure every week to have great looking toenails?

Summertime is all about wearing flip-flops and showing off those beautiful toes, so makes sure that you choose a color that matches your personal style.  At-home pedicure is easier than you think.  Here’s the tool you’ll need. 

Nail clippers
Emery board
Warm water
Clean towel
Cuticle pusher
Toilet paper or toe separator
Clear base-coat nail polish
Nail polish
Clear top-coat nail polish
Nail polish remover
Cotton swabs

Let’s get started…
Remove nail polish with cotton ball and gentle polish remover. Avoid rubbing too hard as this could cause nail scratching.

Clip and file your toenails. Use large nail clippers and cut straight across. Avoid cutting rounded corners, as it causes ingrown toenails. Shape your toenails using an emery board or nail file.
Use a buffer on tops of nails briefly to smooth down the nail surfaces. Don't press hard, which could damage the nail.

Soak your feet in warm water.
Push the cuticle back on each of your toenails. This will reveal the fresh new growth of your toenails and prepare the nail for polish.

Wash your feet with gentle soap and warm water after a few minutes of soaking. Dry thoroughly with a clean towel.
Dip a cotton ball in professional cuticle remover or olive oil and gently massage the toe until the cuticles are soft. Push cuticles back gently with cuticle pusher.

Massage a moisturizer into the foot and toes to keep skin soft and smooth.
Insert your toes into the toenail separator. This will keep your toes spread apart and prevent them from touching and smearing the nail polish.

Apply a base coat and let dry. Base coats not only prevent your toenail polish from chipping, but also protect from stains that occur on your nails with darker colors.
Apply nail polish to your toenails, one at time. Start with your big toe and move towards the smallest toe. Apply one coat and put a second coat of nail polish on after the first had dried. You shouldn't need more than two coats of polish.

Apply a protective top coat. Protective top coats increase shine and prolong the wear of your nail polish.
Use a cotton swab dabbed in nail polish remover to remove any mistakes or excess nail polish.

Pro Tip: When toenails spend a lot of time smothered in socks and shoes, the nails can harden and even yellow. Moisturizing your toenails regularly will boost your nail health and protect the nail from excess dryness.

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  1. Wonderful tips for fabulous pedicure, I think
    this summer I will do my own pedicures. Thanks Corinne

    1. Your welcome, I've doing my own pedicures since last summer and I must say my feet feels fabulous. Have a wonderful week!