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Friday, September 23, 2016

Quick 4 Minute Morning Makeup Routine

Hey Everybody!  I'm back with another informational blog.  Get Excited!  Let's talk about makeup...

Here's a quick 4 minute makeup routine:

Products Needed

SPF Tinted moisturizer to even out skin.

Concealer, make a triangle under eye using ring finger to smooth out concealer. 

Use a bronzer on cheek, forehead and chin.

Use an eyeshadow stick to cover lid.  Take a dark color to outer edge.

Use a nude eyeliner on water line to brighten eyes.

Roll mascara over lashes using a curled brush.

Apply brow gel to keep brows in place.

For lips and cheek use tinted cheek/lips balm.

Until next time have a wonderful day.  

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