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Friday, November 21, 2008

Beauty Fixer

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Get Excited! Today’s topic is a must-have beauty fixer “Face Powder”. Powder provides staying power for your makeup-it won’t last the day without it. It helps absorb the skin’s natural oils to help control shine throughout the day. And it’s the finishing stop that helps your skin appear smooth and natural. You can even brush it on over a clean, moisturized face for a fresh, no-makeup look.

Most face powder is made from two bases: cornstarch and talcum. It basically comes in two forms, loose and pressed. Use a loose powder to set your makeup. It works best and lasts longest. Loose powders contain more oil absorbers than pressed, so it is the best choice for oily skin. Of course, it you travel, pressed powder is far more convenient to take along with you. Powder is an absolute must for oily skin. It absorbs extra oil from the skin and can be reapplied throughout the day. The finer a powder is milled, the higher the quality, so the less likely it is to cake on the skin. Finer-milled powders will feel more like velvet, whereas less-milled powders eel more gritty.

There are several ways to apply both types of powder:

  • A sponge works well for tight areas and is great for “spot” powdering.

  • A brush is the easiest and most commonly used tool. It is great for blending, but you must be careful not to over-blend and brush of what you apply. Or best results; apply a little bit of powder at a time with a brush, instead of applying it all at once, to ensure smooth, even coverage.

  • A powder puff offers the best coverage and is my favorite way to apply powder. Press a puff or sponge into the powder and then “roll” it onto the skin. Pushing it into the skin makes your foundation and powder appear as one with your skin and looks far more natural. To finish, lightly sweep the face with a brush using gentle downward strokes to remove any excess powder.

  • A fingertip works well for a light powder application. It’s a great way to powder underneath the eyes, especially for mature women. Just dip your finger in loose powder. Rub your finger in the palm of your hands to brush off the excess, then trace your finger over the area underneath the eyes set your concealer and minimize fine lines.

    Yellow-based shades look healthier and more natural. To get that perfect shades of concealer, try mixing it with a little or your foundation.

Until next time…Have a wonderful day!

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