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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Beauty vs Adults Acne

Hello Readers!

Pimples, zits, matter how you say it, acne is a total self-esteem buster. Sometimes even the smallest pimple can look like Mount Everest to you. And all you can think about is why, right? Many people thought zits were for teenagers! Acne affects a lot of people.

Here’s the results from a poll on products people have tried to combat ance:
· 14 percent choose Proactiv
· 11 percent said over-the-counter products
· 63 percent said a combination of all the choices, which also included antibiotics.
· Epson salt worked for one women.

· Rubbing alcohol, Acutane, and egg whites worked for another women.

Never dry your face with your hand or bath towel. Think about many times have you wiped your hands on it? It has oils that will transfer to your face. Instead use non-scented/non-dyed tissues and pat dry.

Pay attention to the products you use on your face and how your skin reacts to them. Use gel around your eyes, not cream. Creams are heavier and can cause those tiny white bumps in the under eye area.
Stop picking!

Remember that everyone's skin is different. What works for one woman may not work for another, but if we all know a bit more about the different products out there maybe we can help each other. Until next time...

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