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Saturday, February 14, 2009

How to use Mineral Makeup to Accentuate Your Beauty

Hey, If You Luv Makeup & Beauty readers! Get excited! To get mineral makeup to accentuate your beauty, pick a shade of mineral makeup that matches your skin tone. With mineral makeup, you’re guaranteed a match because you have the ability to blend shades in order to get your perfect shade.

Vary your application technique based on the amount of coverage you want. Mineral makeup is very buildable. You can go from sheer cover to full coverage just by altering the way in which you apply your makeup. For full coverage, apply mineral makeup with a kabuki brush.

If you’re looking for a sheerer look, try using a skunk brush. Regardless of what brush you use, always apply your mineral makeup in thin layers. If you want more coverage, add more layers, and if you want lighter coverage, keep layers to a minimum.

Until next time...Remember: Less is more.

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