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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Using The Best Eye Shadow Palette

Great Day! Thanks for stopping by. Eye shadow palette comes in a variety of colors to fit every skin tone, facial structure and occasion. Using the best eye shadow palette colors that is suitable for your face is very important.

Different colors flatter different skin tones. Those with darker skin can choose shimmering colors to make the eyes stand out; eye shadow palette with pearly shimmering is the best option. The golden bronze looks amazing on rich dark skin as well. Flori Roberts Face Forward Palette

For those with puffy eyes, neutral and soft colors are best for the eyes. Shades of pink should be avoided because it tends to bring out the eyes from the skull.

Those with very deep set eyes can give an older and more mature look to the face. You should choose light shimmering colors such as pink, rose, sky blue and very light lavender. Avoid darker colors because it will make the eyes even more deep set.

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