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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

How to Achieve Radiant Skin

Hey Everybody!  Get Excited! Get Excited!! Today I'm going to share with how to achieve radiant skin. Lately, skin has featured a satin finish, looking pure and natural. Everyone is seeking a luminous-looking face. Impeccable foundation is a must, but without heaviness. To achieve radiant skin, it's important to prepare the skin appropriately. The face should be clean and well-hydrated.

When applying foundation, go for natural, fresh-looking skin, pearlescent textures that subtly illuminate, and translucent tones that allow the skin to shine through.

Don't go to extremes on the skin, either with excessive powder or bright shiny finishes. To achieve a perfectly polished look, apply liquid or cream foundation with a synthetic-bristle brush.

Choose blushes in tones that are in harmony with the makeup used on other areas of the face. If skin is dry, opt for cream or mouse textures.

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