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Sunday, October 30, 2011

UV Nail Gel vs Acrylic Nails

Hey Everybody I’m back!  Get Excited! Get Excited!  Welcome to my informational beauty blog.  A few weeks I tried the UV nail gel.  I was surprise about the drying time of my nails. Wow!  If you are not able to get a professional look at home, or have nails that break easily, consider gel nails.  

Did you know that UV nail gel gives your nails strength and durability as if you had acrylic tips?  Acrylic nails do not have these same qualities. One of the main benefits of gel nails are that they look and feel natural. The reason that UV gel nails look natural is that they are flexible and thin like real nails.  For those who do not want the world to know about their nail enhancements or need a professional look, this is a pro for gel nails.

The UV gel is placed directly over natural nails the same way nail polish is applied. According to, many people decide to apply UV nail gel to their nails instead of getting acrylics. Putting UV nail gel on top of your nails can help protect them from day-to-day wear like excessive hand-washing and typing.

To remove UV Gel from nails you will need a nail file, orange stick, a bowl with warm water, acetone or gel remover.

Pro Tip:  After removing the UV gel from nails treat the natural nails with conditioning nail oil.

The results of my UV nail gel:

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