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Sunday, June 11, 2017

Things Fashion Models Need To Know

Hey Everybody!  Get SUPER Excited! Modeling is more than a job, it is an adventure and can help to facilitate growth from places within yourself.  How much do you know as a model?  

Here's 7 things to know as a model:
  • Looking at fashion magazines can give you useful tips for modeling.  You can learn poses and body postures.
  • Keep a day planner notebook or scheduling phone app if need be
  • While creating your portfolios, work on your “walk” which is going to be one of the very first thing that agents will want to see before the sign you.
  • Know your own measurements, skin tone, body structures, etc. at the tip of your tongue.
  • Your portfolio, need to have a variety of poses and angles showing your features and talents in the best possible manner.
  • Build personal website it gives the appearance you have already attained a certain level of success in the industry even if you are not starting out.
  • Establishing a Twitter, Instagram and Facebook account as a model is important currently.

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