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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Hooded Eyes Hook

Hey! If You Luv Makeup & Beauty readers. Thanks for stopping by today. A few emails came in about how to apply eyeshadow for hooded eyes. I realize this topic was not posted on my blog. So here we go…Hooded eyes are sometimes called “bedroom eyes” because the lids trend to look partly closed. To make the lid area “push away” or recede, and help your eyes become more prominent than the eyelids.

Never use a dark eyeshadow over the entire lid, because it makes it appear heavier and will close in your eyes.

Don’t highlight the browbone too much, because doing so can accentuate the hooded appearance of the eyelid.


Highlight shade: Apply to browbone and along the upper lash line.
Midtone shade: Start at the base of your upper lash line and bring the color up and over the entire hooded area. This helps the lid recede. Make sure to blend the areas where the midtone color meets the highlight color.
Contour shade: Start at base of the lash line and bring the color up and over the hooded area. For this eye shape, you need to bring your contour color in a little farther and up a little higher than on the other eye shapes. This will help the hooded area recede. Next, sweep the contour color underneath the lower lashes to define the lower lashline. You don’t want to miss this step! Hooded eyes really benefit from a well-defined upper and lower lash line.

Until next time…Have a wonderful day!

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  1. hey, I needed this one! ty!

  2. How do you determine your eye type? Im still confused about the type of eyes I have.