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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Classic Hollywood Look

Today is Classic Hollywood Day! Get Excited! Every screen siren, alluring actress and even you can rock this look. Excellent for special occasion.

Makeup Needed:
Black Eye Shadow
Black Eyeliner
Gold Eye Shadow
Red Lipstick
Red Lip Liner

The ultimate old-world charm and glamour, the classic Hollywood look can incorporate bold colors and heavy makeup without appearing overdone.
How to Get the Classic Hollywood Look?

Outline your eyes with black eye shadow or black eyeliner. Don't make the line too thick, but do go all the way around. If you're new to the look, go very easy on your bottom lid. Thicken the line at the
outside corners of your eyes and roughly the outside half of your eyes. Don't put anything more on the inside corners.

Then, swipe gold eye shadow on the inside corners and any part of your lids untouched by black shadow. This will glam up and even out the look.

Next, choose lipstick and lip liner in a red shade with a slightly dark tint to it. Color in your whole lip with lip liner, and then swipe the lipstick on. This will prevent feathering out and fading.

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