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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Eye Care! Eye Creams! Eye Gels!

Hey Reader! Thanks for stopping by today. I was on a conference call last night and the main topic was (Eye Care). It was an excellent topic that I had to post this information on my blog. It is said that women #1 beauty concern is how to care for the eyes. Women should begin to use eye creams at the age of 30 to prevent puffiness, fine lines and dark under-eye circles.

Eyes are one of the most accentuated facial features we have. From makeup to sunglasses, they are often framed and displayed. Taking care of your eye area, where some of the most sensitive skin on your body is found, is important in your skin care regimen.

To apply eye products use your ring finger. The ring finger is the smoothest and least used of your fingers, so it will glide against your skin lightly. Start at the outer corner of eye when apply eye cream (products) pat going towards the nose (counter clockwise). When using eye creams pat the area around the eye repeatedly to help ensure that the eye cream you initially spread is absorbed into the skin. This is a very gentle touch, so do not rub or pull at your skin.

Eye creams are great because they not only moisturize around your eyes but also give your concealer, foundation and eye shadow a smooth surface to cover.

Eye Cream – Helps prevent lines while softening and diminishing existing lines. Great for Normal to Dry skin

Eye Gel - Helps cool puffiness, smooth, and great for dark under-eye circles. Excellent for oily skin

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