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Saturday, January 16, 2010

A Simple Way to Apply Concealer

Great Day! Concealer can be worn on its own or on top of foundation. Applying base reduces the amount of concealer you need, but you can skip foundation if you prefer. Concealer can be smoothed on top of eyelids after foundation as an eye makeup primer. This creates a base for eyeshadow so that colors appear more pigmented and last longer.

Here's a simple way to apply concealer:
Gently dab concealer under eyes with your ring finger, which exerts the least pressure of all your fingers. Make sure you get some product as well on the inner corners of your eyes by the bridge of your nose, where shadows are cast. Blend the concealer into skin by lightly patting, not rubbing, to eliminate demarcation lines.

For blemishes, invest in a stiff concealer brush that helps with greater precision during makeup application. Stipple the concealer onto the blemish. Do not use rubbing motions, as these can erase the product you've already laid down. Still using the brush, stipple foundation around the blemish to smooth away any hard edges.

Using a makeup sponge, lightly press translucent powder on top of concealer to keep it from budging.

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