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Friday, July 23, 2010

Skin Type vs Foundation Type

Great Day! Everyone has a certain skin type with its very own characteristics. Once you know yours, it makes it easier for you to know which foundations are right for your skin type. See how simple it is to find your perfect match?

DRY SKIN TYPE-usually mature skin; lacks emollients; less elastic; rarely breaks out; feels tight after cleansing; usally small pores.
*Needs-moisturizing foundations; formula containing emollients and antioxidants.

NORMAL SKIN TYPE -few to no breakouts; neither too oily nor too dry; medium pores; smooth and even texture; healthy color.
*Needs- pH-balanced products.

OILY SKIN TYPE-prone to blackheads; large pores; gets shiny fast; breaks out often; wrinkles less; usually highly elastic.
*Needs- oil-free products; non-comedogenic; products enriched with oil absorbers.

SENSITIVE SKIN TYPE-burns very easily; blotchy and dry patches; more susceptible to rosacea; sensitive to many products; flushes easily; thin, delicate.
* Needs-hypoallergenic; fragrance-free moisturizing formulas; formulas without chemical sunscreens.

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