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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Make Over Your Beauty Bag This Fall

Great day!  Glamour Divas should not leave home this fall without these items. Invest in a new cosmetic bag for the fall and included these items.

Non-latex sponge can be used to correct eye makeup mistakes, blend primer and buff down blush.

Beauty Blotter Oil-Absorbing Tissues, powder-free blotting papers help control shine without adding filmy buildup.

A nice pair of false eyelashes takes you up one glamorous notch. Novices should seek out a half strip with shorter lashes of varying lengths, which are easier to apply.

A fabulous facial bronzer is an essential tool for warming up every completion.
Everyone needs two pairs of tweezers: a needle nose for meticulous shaping and hard-to-snag strays, and slanted ones for gripping several hairs at a time.

Don't get caught without a great powder compact; it's a necessity for applying makeup on the go.

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