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Friday, September 3, 2010

Transitioning Your Beauty From Summer to Fall

Great Day! Thanks for stopping by. One day the sun is shining, your hair is glossy and your complexion is dewy. The next time you check the leaves are changing and so is your reflection. You wonder: Where did this dry, dull skin come from? Why does my hair look so crunchy? Relax – transitioning your beauty regimen from summer to fall is easy, the only thing you’ll miss about the warm weather will be those bejeweled sandals.

Your skin looks dull and sallow, even with makeup. TREATMENT it’s not your imagination. In the fall, there’s less light which can make even healthy, supple skin appear pastry. To restore your natural glow, switch your summer foundation to a thicker, creamier one with light-reflecting pigments. “You need a cover that will the skin remain hydrated and appear more luminous. Smooth a highlighter across the cheekbones, along the temples and over the eyelids.

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