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Thursday, February 25, 2016

How to Make Your Eye Color POP

Hey Everybody! Get SUPER Excited!  I'm back with another informational beauty blog.   Let's talk beauty… 

How to make your Eye Color POP...

Don't you love how you can magically pick a shadow that makes your eyes so BRIGHT and Colorful! We have ALL chosen the WRONG eye shadows that can take away from our eyes. I want to share how to incorporate an eye shadow that compliments your eye color in your everyday makeup!

Mistakes::: Don't go overboard with your Complimentary Eye Shadow!! It's not necessary to use this color alone. In fact, a beautiful way to interchange colors but yet keep the POP of your eyes.... Would be to use a complimentary tone in your eye shadow application. Maybe in the crease, on the lid or the Intense color for depth. You can now use different shadows and incorporate your "Eye Pop Color" (complimentary color) By keeping a complimentary color in your eye shadow application, your sure to keep ALL the attention on your eyes!!

Heres a small head start for you to begin practicing adding YOUR complimentary into your eye makeup routine!

Blues-- Warm tones Green--
Pink/Purple tone Grey--
Cool tones/Pastels Browns--
Blues, Browns, greens, you name it!
GOLD-- this is for Hazel eyes with Gold or Brown Golden eyes

For HAZEL EYES---- Find the dominant color or the color in your eye that you want to pop and follow the guide! Is it blue, green, gold?

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