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Friday, February 12, 2016

Transculent Powder Instead of Tinted Powder

Hey Everybody! Get SUPER Excited!  I'm back with another informational beauty blog.   Let's talk beauty...Did you know that transculent powder can be worn all year?

Pro Tip
Try transculent powder to set makeup instead of tinted powder so you won't have to replace it season to season.

Because it’s translucent, this powder is the perfect match for any skin tone – from very fair to dark. It sets foundation for a sheer, invisible finish and has light-diffusing properties designed to help soften the appearance of imperfections for a skin-perfecting look.

Application Tips

To apply:

  • Dip or dust a powder brush into powder and tap off the excess.
  • Use a very light hand in applying. The powder brush distributes powder evenly over the face without concentrating in any one area.
  • Use downward strokes from the forehead to the chin and out to the edges of the face.

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