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Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Great Day! Readers...I know you have been waiting for this "Model Makeup for Still Photography". As I said before knowledge is power, so let's started. Oh, by the way let me know if the information on my blog is helpful to you.

A model must know to apply makeup for five basic types of modeling situations:
1. Face-to-face meetings
2. Still photography
3. Electronic media
4. Fashion show or stage
5. Promotional modeling assignments

Here's the second makeup topic is Model Makeup for Still Photography.

We often see ourselves through our emotions and in movement. The camera is not emotional and captures only one instant in time with no regard to what motion preceded or followed that moment. Photography is a mechanical process and therefore it catches all the flaws. Makeup for photography must be very carefully applied. The slightest imperfection or poorly applied color is defined or exaggerated in a photograph. In addition, there camera lens tends to coarsen everything it sees, such as the skin and features. It also adds weight.

A model or makeup artist must be able to understand how makeup can be used to enhance the appearance of the skin and features in various photographic situations. Lighting controls makeup to a high degree. A good makeup application can be ruined or its effectiveness lessened by unattractive lighting. A good model knows how to adjust her makeup movements to make the light flatter himself or herself and the item being shown. The directions the light is coming from, the quality of the light (hard and direct or diffused and non directional), the color of light(warm or cool), and the amount of contrast between the highlights and the shadows are factors that must be taken into consideration when makeup is applied for photography.

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